Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wolfshark ... video and ad

Okay, I thought I'd posted this earlier ... maybe I did. Maybe I'm losing my mind.  Anyway. Here is the Wolfshark. Wolf worked with the folks at Landyachtz to design this board ... But I'll let him show it to you himself.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Landyachtz: Maryhill Freeride 2011

Yes ... more Maryhill. I have to post this now as I don't have enough to post from the Festival of Speed as it is currently taking place. But here is the hill, and here are the LY riders ... Wolf often seen here. Okay, as his mom ... I have to favour the videos that have him in them! Look for the white wolf claws on the right shoulder-blade and you have my boy.

Monday, June 27, 2011

2011 Maryhill Free-ride, super amazing video

I should say super 'sick' video ... love the helicopter scenes. Wolf is the dancing boy in the front seat of the truck with the ice cream head ... also one of the many red-leathered lads with black helmets...

Event: Spring Maryhill Freeride 2011 from on Vimeo.

Maryhill Free-ride video 2011

For anyone who hasn't seen footage of the hill at Maryhill, and don't know what the fuss is all about, this video shows the lovely landscape and the original road ... This is why they go and ride. Wolf is in there ... red, with black helmet, with camera on his lid ... but then there were many others. Looked like fun.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Record length STAND-up Slide !!!

Okay, It wasn't apparent until Wolf came home with friends with meat for the bbq, with raves of his feat and video footage to prove it ... but wow, that's a long slide. Previous record holder Kevin Rimer, slid 160 feet on his board, no small effort there! Wow. So, Wolf marked down this epic distance in chalk on the road, then the tried and tried to slide over it ... and not on his knees, hands or anything other than his wheels. His efforts paid off!!! Watch and see!

Wolf - 162 ft Stander from Merrick Wildash on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wolf and Mike and others

I have to say that I enjoy watching my son, Wolfgang (Wolf),  skate, especially on youtube.  Now, does this make me  a bad mother? It isn't that I don't enjoy watching him skate live, I do, but in all reality there is just so much more to see in the footage of a co-rider's go-pro, where hours and hours if not days of footage has been edited down to a nice a tidy, rather fun bit of video, with music added and usually humour. I've spent many days behind bales of hay watching for my speedster breeze past once every 40 minutes or so.

I say to him, 'cool! nice slide.' Sometimes I even venture into the skate-language and utter praise of , 'Siiiick!' That was 'gnarrrr'.( I don't think he notices.) I never miss a chance, like today over dinner to comment on a new video ... 'and where was your shirt?' I would love to say that my son follows all the rules, but I'd either be lying or delusional if I did. He does wear a helmet, gloves, shoes, kneepads (almost always). and ALWAYS leathers when racing.  The footage below is not, NOT a race. It is a cruise.  There are careful distinctions to be made.

I heard rumour of a new board coming out soon.... LY... I've seen it in the Concrete wave so I'm no longer spilling the beans. But Wolf is 'stoked,' with the Wolf-shark, soon to be available. We're thrilled for him too.  Very cool. (that's mom-speak for siiick)