Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ICBC is unfair to our Longboarder

Now I don't know what others' experiences are with this insurer are, but we have discovered that they seem to have no interest in being fair with one longboarder in particular.

They have neglected to consider any of the witnesses from our son's claim, and only from the driver and his witnesses. Our son was skating in control, with a helmet, through an intersection where the car was stopped at a stop sign. Then at the last second, the car lurched through the intersection, and my son hit it in the tail side of the car. My son had the right of way, the driver drove through the intersection when it was not safe to do so. Our son had three witnesses who provided three witness statements along with his own.

We were told last March that an infant advocate would handle his claim as he is under 19 years old. They were apparently never assigned eventhough he suffered injury which we stated when filled in our claim, and have doctor's notes to prove.-- They say that he wasn't injured and that is why he wasn't assigned an advocate. Another ommision on their part.

How can they say that his witness statement don't count, and also that he wasn't wearing a helmet? This whole situation makes my blood boil. They now tell us that there is no appeal process--which is also a lie.

Riders beware. The 'insurer' will take the driver's side it seems and discount anything said to the contrary. Yuck!

We are not dropping the ball on this one! They can't treat our son this way, we won't let them.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Unkle and the Push is a local e-zine for longboarders and they have pubished the first half of my story about the Push for the Cure. Go here to check it out! Push for the Cure.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pink is a rag-tag gaggle of longboarders

Pink is bubblegum, and baby girls; pink is candyfloss and Barbie’s Corvette; pink is October. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so PINK has a whole new meaning!!! A group of Britich Columbia longboarders are doing their bit to raise awareness and funds to further research for a cure for this cancer.

Pink is now the colour of hair, duct-tape on helmets, spray-paint on longboards, and skate-park concrete.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Push for the Cure

This weekend is 2009 Push for the Cure, and Wolf is keen. This isn't the first time he's participated in Fundraising and awareness raising, but it is his first time with the Push for the Cure. He's done runs with school, and then on his own, when he was about 12, he shaved all his long hair off, donated the money he raised to the Children's Foundation at Children's Hospital, and he also donated his hair to a wig organzation that makes wigs for kids who are undergoing chemotherapy.

So tomorrow morning, bright and early, we'll be loading the van and driving to Hope, where he will meet up with the other riders who are in for the long haul: 150 km, or 97 miles; whatever way you look at it, it is long. What began a few years back with a small group of energetic riders who pushed from east coast to west, and others who pushed from West to East, has become an annual event, where the final leg of the journey, Hope to Vancouver, is the focal local push.

At 15 years old, yes, still fifteen for a few more months, I will leave him in Hope, and collect him in Vancouver. I have come to trust and really like the group of riders and racers he here at the Coast. All the best to all of them!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Longboarding and Volcano Sliding... oh my!

We all want what’s best for our kids—that goes without saying. But for those of us who are speed and pain adverse, it is a little more difficult to wrap our heads around. Today, I am happy that my son has ‘only’ taken up longboarding. If we lived in Nicaragua, it could well be another story. You see there, parents of extreme seeking athletic type kids would be seeing their kids off for a day of fun ‘bombing’ the local volcano! The local active volcano. I am not kidding. These riders go down the 40% incline sooty ash of active craters at speeds of 50 miles an hour! There’s till lava in Cerro Negro, though it hasn’t blown in ten years, it could. So, all you worried parents out there... count your blessings, unless you have a sooty cone begging to be ridden, your speedy off-spring will have to settle for asphalt and pavement.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

King of the Forest results.

Thought I'd throw in the link to the final results to King of the forest. I've already mentioned that Prince of the Forest... fella under 16, is none other than my son, Wolfgang Forest!! no kidding, that's his name and so his title is well suited.

KOTF. resultes click here:

Images are on the same site! That site being for great local event coverage!

Salt Spring Slope and Steez

Wolf's last event: Sept. 27, Salt Spring Slope and Steez.

Okay, the suit is great, and my son... well, still looks like a super hero,

or a race car, depending on which photo...

The event was great, so I am told. I stayed on the mainland, but Wolf and the riders had great weather, and from the full set of photos available on you can all see the rest of the event!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sometimes I rant

Guilty. Yes, at times I am irrational, impulsive, and possibly even foolish. But that isn't necessarily bad. It seems I am not alone. I have been guest blogger these past few weeks at I know that this has nothing to do with longboarding, but it has a lot to do with teens, parenting and a solid sense of humour... that is if you don't mind satire.

So, if you have like humour... as in you can laugh at yourself, and not just at others, then perhaps you would like or at least appreciate my postings at: Late-onset post-partum depression. They read in order of part 1 and then part 2...