Monday, June 14, 2010

Vernon DH 2010 News

Three o'clock in the morning and I woke in a chilled sweat.  I heard clattering coming from the kitchen.  My blood boils.  I've been woken for their third night in a row because my nearly 18 year-old has taken to being a night-owl and thirsty/ hungry and noisy in the middle of the night.  I stormed down stairs to stop the noise and hoped to return to sleep... Of course it was my fault for being a light sleeper, and grumpy... aghhh.

On my way back up stairs, I peeked into Wolf's room.  He wasn't home yet when I went to sleep, so I thought I'd check and see if he was in... His bed was empty, unchanged from Friday afternoon when he departed to Vernon for his first IGSA Race.  He has his packing to a bit of an art, and can stow his tent, sleeping bag and all his gear and clothes in less than thirty minutes.  He has a tendency to underestimate the amount of needed clothing... but that's just me.

My heart crashed around in my chest... empty room, three thirty... I thought he'd be home.  Then I became sane for one minute, and checked my blackberry.  No messages, good news.  No worry.  Right? I thought.  So I checked the web, and as I suspected in my mid of the night daze, Vernon was a two day race that didn't finish until six pm Sunday evening.  He'd be home Monday.  I sighed and then went back to sleep... sort of.  I actually scrolled through the IGSA website trying to find the final results.

It became clear that Kevin Reimer came in first, followed by Douglas Silva,  and Zen Shikaze, with  Max Erwin in forth.  Women top rider was Brianne Davies.  The rest of the results weren't posted at 4am... So I finally went to sleep.

Over breakfast, I flipped open my computer and browsed the posted results.  I prayed that Wolf qualified... and he did.  I hoped that he'd get through the first round.  He did.  He made it through to the first quarter final matchup.  His was the first heat, consisting of Kevin Reimer, Max Erwin, Jesse Tynan and Wolfgang Coleman.  A tough heat, to be sure.  The results above tell the tale; Reimer and Erwin went on to the Semi finals and to the top.  Wolf went on to the Junior round.  He is still sixteen an is going to race juniors and open as long as he can.

On a blistering day at Vernon (up to 30 C) clad in leather- from head to toe, Wolf came in 2nd place in the Junior division, after Alex Tongue and ahead of Mike Slota.  Well done gentlemen! Way to go Wolf.  

There is a lot of other news from Vernon DH 2010, but my job here is to spread the news of Wolf.  Here is a photo of my speedy son--from Gold Rush Challenge.  I will post photos from Vernon when they are available, but for now this will have to do.

Here is the link to the full list: IGSA final results for Vernon DH 2010.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gold Rush Challenge on the News

Here is a splash of Gold rush Challenge.  Nice coverage!

Gold Rush Challenge 2010 - Global News from UNKLE.CA on Vimeo.

Danger Bay 2010

Bad Mother
Okay, so I missed the beginning of the race.  Since when does Danger Bay begin on time... I'll tell you when, in 2010.  That's when.  So when I finally got to the race site, I found my racing son, FINISHED.  Yes, chillin' behind the bales, where I should have been an hour earlier! I still can't believe it.

And then, Wolf, watched intently as the race went on... he, like the record number of racers, had crashed out into the bales, and his race was finished, but the weekend was still far from over, ahead lay still Jake's Rash and The Gold Rush Challenge.  

Wolf took third place in the Gold Rush Challenge Junior division--his last year as a grom.  Well done son.  Spencer Smith took the top junior place and someone I don't know (but will find out) took the second spot.  Spencer and Wolf can race it out this summer at Graveyard Call.   That race, son, I promise not to miss.