Monday, September 21, 2009

Prince of the Forest!!!

Yesterday as Wolf left with his brother, Akask, to the King of the Forest 20 km endurance race, he picked up his novelty cheque for last year's finish as Grom of the Forest 2008. He would then hand it off to his successor, the Prince of the Forest 2009. This was also Akask's first event that he participated in as a racer. We wished them well and off they went.

At 10pm last night, they walked in. They looked beat. Happy, but beat. "Do is it okay if I put a couple of screws into the wall in my bedroom," Wolfgang asked.

"What?" I asked.

He held up his trophy board: This year's Prince is none other than our Wolfgang Forest, the Prince of the Forest, an aptly named child.

"Congratulations, son," his dad said. "We'll find a way to mount your board on the wall... but not with a couple of screws."

Wolf had finished 14th overall in over 80 riders, and was the top Grom (junior for those new to the lingo); and Akask was in around the top 20. "I wasn't prepared for that." He huffed, and smiled.

Well done boys. I said to them then and now to them here. Their next event is a three day push from Hope to Vancouver for the annual Push for the Cure, fundraiser for breast cancer, the long weekend in October.

Photos to follow!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Happiness is a new pair of Leathers

It seems it wasn't that long ago when Wolf bought his first set of leathers. They were used, but still had some life left in them. I have to say that they have saved his hide, quite literally, more than once. But their practicality was rapidly coming to a close this summer. A few skids into the hay left little for duct-tape to hold together. It was time for Wolf to upgrade.

Custom leathers. NJKs sized just for him. Not only that, they have his name emblazoned on the back with a rather cool paw print... yes, a wolf print. He looks like a super hero in his Red and black suit. Not quite a Power Ranger... cooler... hipper, faster.

This past summer we encountered a wolf... the small 'w', big teeth kind of wolf. It was also very cool, very fast, but very quiet. It was an interesting camping mate to say the least. Here are a compare and contrast of wolf/Wolf tracks.

Now, back in the city, the only Wolf tracks around here are the kind that my son leaves with his wheels on the road. Upcoming races include: King of the Forest at the Seymour Demonstration Forest, and then there is the fundraising event: Push for the Cure. More about them to come.