Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beware of birthday gifts....

Wolf in the Autumn of 2006. He was already experimenting with new types of wheels and board shapes.
and in three short years. From this shaggy fella to: Wolf is clearly the one in the Wolf shirt and his leather sleeves tied around his waist. Finn is in red helmet on left, and red specs on right. Coco is in pink helmet on left and neon orange on right. The other gals are Wolf's friends.

So parents wondering where your gifts will lead, wonder all you want. It will take your kid to decide how far to take it.

I have filled our cupboards with cleaning supplies, and no one has taken up household maintence any more seriously than before when our supply was megre. Ahhh. I keep trying. Perhaps for another birthday, I'll give them gardening supplies, or some books on famous inventions or brilliant literature...okay, I've already done that. I'm stumped. And I know all Coco wants her own leathers for her birthday, Finn wants a longboard and Wolf, well, custom leathers, of course. I'm sticking with gardening supplies. Won't they be happy?