Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Patron Saint of DH Skateboarding

Wolf is having a fantastic time here in Argonay France.  We arrived in this village on the outskirts of Annecy, two days ago for the IGSA World Cup Race, Graveyard Call.  We walked the road when we arrived to check the route when Wolf discovered an amazing thing:

Yesterday was registration and free-riding.  A very technical course with lots corners.  Everyone seems to be enjoying the challenge.

I hear the qualifying rounds have begun.  Must grab my camera and head back behind my safe spot behind the bales....

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  1. The rains have come, but the saint has shone on my boy as his number, 67, also my number (year) placed him in the first half of the afternoon. He finished his run in under 2 min 20 seconds, while most of the riders were over that time. The official results for this first qualifying day have not yet been posted. more to come