Thursday, July 22, 2010

Authorized Downhill Skateboard Route in Argonay

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Although this sign may seem intimidating, banning skateboarders from practicing on this road at any other time other than those specified by local municipal authorities, the living history of this location is supportive and promising for the riders in this sport.

This road has been transformed from a two way car route, to a one way car route that is then closed to cars for almost each Sunday afternoon so that downhill skateboarders, longboarders, can practice their sport.

This has been such a success over the past decade that four other areas in France have followed suit and have given over a road to the sport, again for a half day a week.

The flip side of this road closure is that the skateboarders have agreed to not skate in the village at all and as a mountain town, all roads are downhill--cruising around is not really possible. It seems that the riders in this community have complied and are happy with this arrangement.

They began with forming an association of downhill riders; it was then that they had a voice with council. Well done folks!

Merci de partager votre réussite avec nous, et votre colline pour cette belle course.

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