Saturday, July 17, 2010

Enroute to Toronto, To Montreal, To Geneva

Checked: One wheelless longboard, one very large very old backpack with a Canadian Flag stitched to it from my husband's journeys 20 years ago,  (a sturdy bag indeed) and a heavy micro-duffle bag stuffed with 10 sets of wheels, replacing the 30 dimpled field-hockey balls.

Carry-on: One blue wheeled bag containing all my attire for the next 17 days, one computer bag with camera, charger, laptop, travel documents, books, journals, extension cord and one european outlet converter, One purse (mine), one backpack containing one hoodie and one vintage notebook and power cord (without it would hold no charge at all).

Two excited travellers have checked in, all the way through to Geneva, but will wake in Toronto, and now lounge, repose, sip and sup in the very tranquil environs of the Maple Leaf Lounge... thank you aeroplan.

I have been looking forward to this trip for sometime, and finally... here it is and I could use a nap;(... but will wait to board the plane first.  no photos to report, and it is unlikely that wolf will let me take his picture sipping his sprite and tapping on his computer... I'll save the photos for something actually interesting.

au revoir mes amis!

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