Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Concrete Wave!!!

Wolf came home from Landyachtz the other day with the current issue of Concrete Wave. Needless to say, he had a huge grin.

" Turn to page three," he said.

So I did, and there it was...
Introducing Wolfgang Coleman...

At that moment, I was simultaneously proud and terrified... This is my boy!!! This is my boy?

Then on the next page there is this gruesome image, a Zombie... well, not a real one. But a good lookin' fake.
Now, that's not my son. Or I should say, that's NOT my son. But the tag-line says (if you are like me and can't read the tiny print,) 'The deadliest freeride wheel ever' Wolfgang Coleman, Eh Team. Okay, they're not saying that it's my son, but his name is on the icky guy!!!

Now, I have to stock up on the current issue, and keep some extra to send to grandparents. ... because, after all, He is MY son;)


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