Monday, November 9, 2009

Things are looking up!

Seems that with some insistence, ICBC reviewed our boy's file, and it seems that the other witness--was a friend of the driver and is now finally discounted. They had already discounted all three of Wolf's witnesses as being non-biased as they were friends. My husband was a star. He wouldn't let this drop. It really looked like they were going to ignore everything presented to them on behalf of Wolf, despite contradictory statements made by others--statements that were false and in one case impossible. So now we have an offer of a settlement. We are considering it, but he did sustain knee injury during this accident (driver went through a stop sign when the intersection was occupied!). So, back to the doctor we go. This whole process has taken 18 months so far. We can expect at least another six. What a joke. I am so glad that he didn't' sustain any injury more serious.

Caution riders! You will be found to be in the wrong unless you can prove it otherwise. They don't care if you are a minor, or if you were following the rules of the road, or if you had the right of way... you are a skateboarder and there is a lot of unfair attitudes about you... sadly. Maybe one day that will change. Maybe it is just because you are young and your jeans are ripped. Maybe because others are just fools and forget what it was like to be young and energetic, or maybe they just never were!

Have a safe ride!

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