Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Danger Bay 2010

Bad Mother
Okay, so I missed the beginning of the race.  Since when does Danger Bay begin on time... I'll tell you when, in 2010.  That's when.  So when I finally got to the race site, I found my racing son, FINISHED.  Yes, chillin' behind the bales, where I should have been an hour earlier! I still can't believe it.

And then, Wolf, watched intently as the race went on... he, like the record number of racers, had crashed out into the bales, and his race was finished, but the weekend was still far from over, ahead lay still Jake's Rash and The Gold Rush Challenge.  

Wolf took third place in the Gold Rush Challenge Junior division--his last year as a grom.  Well done son.  Spencer Smith took the top junior place and someone I don't know (but will find out) took the second spot.  Spencer and Wolf can race it out this summer at Graveyard Call.   That race, son, I promise not to miss.

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