Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Maryhill Free ride

Anyone who has ever seen her smooth black ribbon of blacktop winding its way over hills and through a magestic landscape will know at a glance Maryhill.  But to be honest, I've never been there, but have seen many a minutes of footage thanks to my son, Wolfgang, aka Wolf, aka Wolfie (but only I can call him that).  Wolf wants more than anything to skate this coming weekend at the annual Maryhill Freeride.  This is the location of the also annual MHFOS, Maryhill Festival of Speed, a World Cup race where longboarders from everywhere come to challenge for the top spot.  Think Snowboard cross minus the snow.

He likes riding and it seems he's pretty good.  But he is still my lad and a mature 16 year old, but I don't feel comfortable sending him off to another country, even with mature, and responsible co-riding adults.  So, this means that I will likely be volunteering to drive... Soccer season is now over, so time to switch hats and follow this child, ah hem, young man, in his sport. 

I suggested that I rent a hotel room, and he looked at me like I was a total wimp.  I'm not.  Usually.  Maybe we have to camp? On the ground.... in March? All this given that I will host our youngest son's sixth birthday earler the same day!!! Yes a house filled with a dozen five and six year old girls and boys in costumes doing field day races.  A totally different type of event: egg race (on a spoon) three-legged races, and sack races.  Fun.

Then off to ride the hill.  I'll post again as the week progresses.  But for now that's the plan.

Here is a video of wolf 'shredding the gnar' (official term) at the Cypress Mountain. See after 7 minutes the 'side session'.  Wolf finishes things off with some 'gnarly slides' and a slip into the one and only hay bale along the entire road.  Well done son.

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