Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ICBC is unfair to our Longboarder

Now I don't know what others' experiences are with this insurer are, but we have discovered that they seem to have no interest in being fair with one longboarder in particular.

They have neglected to consider any of the witnesses from our son's claim, and only from the driver and his witnesses. Our son was skating in control, with a helmet, through an intersection where the car was stopped at a stop sign. Then at the last second, the car lurched through the intersection, and my son hit it in the tail side of the car. My son had the right of way, the driver drove through the intersection when it was not safe to do so. Our son had three witnesses who provided three witness statements along with his own.

We were told last March that an infant advocate would handle his claim as he is under 19 years old. They were apparently never assigned eventhough he suffered injury which we stated when filled in our claim, and have doctor's notes to prove.-- They say that he wasn't injured and that is why he wasn't assigned an advocate. Another ommision on their part.

How can they say that his witness statement don't count, and also that he wasn't wearing a helmet? This whole situation makes my blood boil. They now tell us that there is no appeal process--which is also a lie.

Riders beware. The 'insurer' will take the driver's side it seems and discount anything said to the contrary. Yuck!

We are not dropping the ball on this one! They can't treat our son this way, we won't let them.

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