Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My son's need for speed! Article in globe and mail

I can't believe that I posted everywhere but here that I got my article accepted in the Globe and mail!!! It was published two weeks ago, but I am still getting comments and mail about it. Thankfully all good. So here is the link to "My Son's Need for Speed." Now I have to think about how on earth I follow that one up!!!

The photos above are by Caitlin Richardson. She was at Giant's head... I was not. I am glad for other's taking pictures, besides the fact, that I am hopeless at it! Thanks Caitlin.

I should note that Wolf finished as top Grom for the Slasher and King of the Forest, he finished as Second Grom Goldrush, and tied for third--not as a grom--at Giant's Head.) At fifteen years old, he's been racing only 15 months!!! He'll tell me if I missed something. Notice that I am only mentioning the sanctioned races... no outlaws! I am still not comfortable with that...for a few years yet at least.

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